About Us



AcuTest Systems (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in October, 2002. It is the successor to former Practitioners Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. (PLSB) that was involved in the pioneering of point-of-care testing in doctors’ office market since 1980.

The current business activities of AcuTest Systems include marketing, sales, scientific application and servicing of Spotchem series of Dry Chemistry, Electrolyte and Urinalysis analysers from Arkray, Inc., Japan; rapid HBA1c testing system Afinion from Alere ( former Axis-Shield, Norway) , Trinity Biotech (former Primus) Boronate HPLC from the U.S.A and Optigen CLA Allergy Testing System from Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, USA and clinical chemistry testing reagents and instrument from Human Diagnostica, Germany.
In line with her pursuits of delivering accurate and precise clinical testing systems, AcuTest Systems is also the sole distributor of the world-class external quality assurance programs made by RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Pty Ltd., a wholly-owned company of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia. We are the dominant market leaders in Malaysia and Brunei and are entrusted to develop the Indonesian and Thailand markets.

From April 2012, we hired a Business Manager who is also a pharmacist to consolidate and integrate our diagnostic products with treatment solutions to doctors especially in diabetes and allergy management. From Dec 2015, we successfully developed the skin prick tests and immunotherapy products of Inmunotek, the leading allergy player in Spain. We attained market leadership position both in Malaysia and Singapore and are now entrusted to develop other markets in ASEAN.


AcuTest Systems upholds total service business concept which includes market development, marketing, sales, scientific and equipment after-sales support services. AcuTest Systems strives to provide a one-stop solution to her main customers who are mostly private practitioners, private and public hospitals’ laboratories and the related medical health centres and institutions.
AcuTest Systems is a key player in point-of-care testing market and has earned a group of loyal customers over the past 12 years. These loyal customers consist of leading private practices, private hospitals, company clinics, Government hospitals & Institutions and Government health centres. AcuTest Systems has earned a dominant market position in external quality assurance programs made by RCPA Quality Assurance Programs Pty Ltd, a wholly –owned company of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA). We strive to serve pathology laboratories with quality testing systems which uphold our value motto of precision and accuracy always...........
AcuTest Systems has a young but experienced teams of Area Sales Managers who are supported by area dedicated Application Engineers working synergistically on account management basis. In the scarcely populated market segments like East Malaysia and Brunei, AcuTest Systems works with local partners who have stronger local and service capability. AcuTest Systems also possess good network of trusted partners working in ASEAN markets.
In 2015, we cascaded our business operating model successfully to a business associate Tembusu Healthcare Pte Ltd which is now the leading allergy player in Singapore market.


AcuTest Systems will work creatively to maintain and accelerate the expansion of her current market leadership position in laboratory quality management system, point-of-care diagnostics and related treatments to enable doctors to deliver better healthcare to patients.


AcuTest Systems will also strive to obtain a sizeable market share in laboratory diagnostics and related equipment business; including leadership in niche testing sectors like allergy, diabetes and emerging fields such as anti-aging and wellness that offer good market growth potential. In the longer term, AcuTest Systems aim to position herself to participate in high technology medical and life sciences that include will include molecular, genome and proteomic testing, including a range of support services for the medical profession and public at large.
Our philosophy is to devise good operating business model always for our participating market segments so that we can gain a dominant market share and to cross-pollinate the success and creative ideas to ASEAN markets.


To strive to be the most creative and reliable partner in providing pathology diagnostic products/ services and related treatments to sustain good health and profitability.


To deliver precise, accurate and effective system solutions to customers in competitive and expert manners so as to optimize our contributions towards better patient care directly or indirectly.


Acutest Systems has a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed personnel striving to serve customers’ needs better. The key management team members are:

Teh Lam Sam, Mr. Managing Director

Teh began his career in 1970 as a medical representative and rose to become the Senior Sales Executive in the former Glaxo Malaysia, the largest pharmaceutical multinational company prevailing then. Later he pioneered the development of diagnostic and pharmaceutical businesses of the former Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche Diagnostics) in both Malaysia & Singapore markets as the Managing Director. He led BMM from infancy to market leadership position in diabetes care, point-of-care and clinical diagnostic systems. Teh also held various senior positions as General Manager, Decentralised Diagnostics, Far East Markets and Business Development Director, Asia Pacific Region of the Corange Group which used to own Boehringer Mannhem.

Teh was the founding Secretary of Malaysian Diabetes Association and was instrumental in pioneering several structured diabetes education programs in ASEAN countries. He was one of the prime movers in benchmarking diabetes care standards in Malaysia that included the spearheading of the first NIDDM Treatment Consensus. This Treatment Consensus was later endorsed and adopted by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Academy of Medicine Malaysia for routine practices. Similarly, with the co-operation of Malaysian Societies of Pathologists and Singapore Clinical Biochemistry Society, Teh successfully introduced the first Annual Boehringer Mannheim Awards for outstanding work by clinical biochemists and medical technologists in the respective countries.

Teh holds a MBA (Distinction) degree from the United Kingdom.

Annie Chan, Ms. Administration Manager

Annie began her career in Family Natural Therapy Centre and later as the Administrative Assistant in the former Practitioners Laboratory. As a reward for her loyal, committed, systematic and efficient services rendered, she was invited to become a director with equity participation in AcuTest Systems.

Annie brings along to AcuTest Systems more than 15 years of administration and accounting experience. She works efficiently with commitment to serve both our internal and external customers.

Leong Sik Hong, Mr. Technical & Application Consultant

Sik Hong holds a B Sc (Hons) from University of Malaya in biochemistry.

He has extensive clinical laboratory knowledge, skills and experience gained from serving public hospitals in Kota Bahru, Banting, KL and Selayang under the Ministry of Health Malaysia for over 30 years.

Mr. Leong has extensive hands-on experience in laboratory automation, quality assurance, trouble-shooting in various pathology testing especially in biochemistry.

Chew Shel Ling, Ms. Training & Promotion Manager

Shel, as she is popularly known is a graduate in bio-medical science with 1st Class Honours from University Malaya, a premier local university in Malaysia. Prior to joining AcuTest Systems, Shel has worked successfully for 4 year with another diagnostics company specialising in selling quality both internal and external quality assurance programs, medical microbiology products and HPLC systems. Shel possesses excellent interpersonal skills, is analytical, enthusiastic and a reliable colleague who serves the clinical pathology fraternity in particular very well, including the medical profession in general.

Woon Sung Thong, Quality Assurance Support, Director

Sung Thong graduated from the University of Malaya in Medical Laboratory Technology. He has more than 30 years of experience working there in Nuclear Medicine, Biochemistry and Hematology.

He is widely known among his peers and is regarded as a doyen of the profession. He is professionally active both nationally and regionally. His last tenure was Head of Scientific Affairs with Sysmex Asia Pacific overseeing all the research activities in the region. He collaborated with several ASEAN governmental organizations to establish and promote their national hematology EQA program.

Woon’s key role is to promote and engage users in the RCPAQAP. He regularly makes presentations on quality issues at relevant scientific meetings.

Chu Syee Ming, Mr. Senior Area Sales Manager, Lab Systems, KL, South & East

Syee Ming obtained his electronic / electrical diploma in Malaysia. Prior to joining Acutest Systems, he has acquired some good working knowledge and experience in a multinational which has servicing operation as a distinctive competence. He has also received local and special overseas training programs in maintaining and repairing clinical chemistry analysers and medical devices. He used to lead our after-sales equipment service support operation with two other bio-medically qualified service engineers in serving both our external and internal customer.

Syee Ming now acts as the Area Sales Manager, KL & East and is very capable of integrating our sales support with services provided by scientific, technical and administrative personnel for better customer satisfaction.

Minoshini Shamala Thevi A/P Paidi Taly, Ms. Sales Administration & Logistics Manager

Mino, as she is popularly known, earned her Bachelor degree in business administration from University of Abertay Dundee in 2011, the worked for a short period as a HR recruiter before proceeded to graduate with a Master degree in business administration from University Sains Malaysia in 2015. She has working experience in providing sales administration support to both internal and external customers. Mino is a confident, eager learner with friendly and helpful disposition which are good prerequisites to enable her to discharge her roles above customers’ expectation.

Muhammad Noor bin Zakaria, Mr. Area Sales Manager, Lab Systems, KL & North

Muhammad was a Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship holder and graduated with a Diploma in Medical Technology in 2012. He then worked on the lab bench in Ramsay Sime Darby Subang Medical Centre, delivering multi-discipline pathology test results in professional manner fitting for the purposes of use. Muhammad is a hard- working, inquisitive and responsible person with leadership qualities even when he was a student taking the position as President for Medical Laboratory Students Year 2011/2012.

Muhammad Arif bin Aziz, Mr. Application Engineer

Arif, as he is popularly known, graduated with a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering from University of Malaya, the pioneering and leading tertiary institution in Malaysia. Arif mixes well, is hardworking and dependable for the scientific and technical work assigned to his roles. He likes sports and won a Silver Medal in hockey during his student days participating in Sukan Mahasiswa University Malaya (SUKMUM). He has been given this challenging task of leading our point-of-care diagnostics which are used mainly by clinicians for rapid screening, diagnosing and monitoring of diseases and to support the motivation of patients with chronic diseases for better complications reduction.

Tajul Amir Darus, Mr. Application Engineer

Tajul holds a Certificate in Industrial Electronics from Institute Kemahiran MARA and proceeded to further his study to obtain an Advanced Graduate Diploma of Electronics from British Malaysian Institute.

He started work in several production facilities but chose a change to serve and maintain pathology testing instruments which include chemistry, blood gasses, coagulation, electrophoresis and immunoassay. Tajul not only works hard but is very committed to deliver quality services which in turn support quality performance in pathology testing.