The CLA® Pette

Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics OPTIGEN technology is a next generation in vitro test that provides clinicians with a front-line solution leading to early diagnosis of allergy conditions. OPTIGEN results are accurate, reliable and reproducible, and correlate well with skin testing and single allergen systems.

The CLA Allergy Test serves allergy patients worldwide —so every CLA Pette is geographically specific. Physicians select the panel appropriate for their patient.

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Optigen AL-36 ASEAN Panel

Optimised and cost effective panel of 36 Allergen-Specific IgE Assay to screen allergens analysed/verified to be common amongst Asians, including –

  • Inhalants (aeroallergen) e.g. pollen, dust, mites and other airborne regional allergens.
  • Foods commonly ingested by Asians, e.g. rice, peanut, milk, tomato, soybean, wheat,etc

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