An allergy is a chronic condition involving an abnormal reaction to an ordinarily harmless substance called an allergen which can include aeroallergens (e.g. dust mites, mold, and tree/grass pollen,etc) and food allergens (e.g. milk, egg, soy, wheat, nut or fish proteins). If a patient has an allergy, their immune system views the allergen as an invader and a chain reaction is initiated. Allergic symptoms can range from mild eye, nose or throat irritation to anaphylaxis in the most severe cases. Acutest distributes a range of allergy-related products aimed at helping medical practitioners diagnose allergies accurately and treat using immunotherapy (i.e. vaccine treatment). Immunotherapytreatment aims at reducing the patient’s degree of sensitivity towards the offending allergen over a period of time.


Acutest team supports health professionals in choosing the best suited allergy test which aids the diagnosis of allergies.


Acutest distributes a range of allergy products including immunotherapy aimed at treating and/or reducing allergy symptoms.