Sinu Salt Refill Pack

SinuSalt® package contains 40 Sachets equivalent to 40 nasal washes. The contents of each sachet must be dissolved in the water to the amount that fits into a SinuSalt® bottle (250 ml). The water needs to be at body temperature (37°C).

This saline based solution has similar salt concentration to the nasal mucosa (isotonic) and will neutralise the pH changes that can appear in the water. There are no added preservatives in this solution that would affect sensitive nasal mucosa.

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  • The irrigation solution (250 mL) is prepared in the bottle itself.
  • The nasal adapter is comfortable to use and completely seals the nasal orifice.
  • By manually pressing the bottle, a continuous flow is produced which can be regulated at will.


  • It is portable, economic and durable.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Does not require service maintenance.