Pocketchem UA PU-4010

Palm-sized, fitting easily into a doctor’s bag or uniform pocket. In order to achieve the goals of “anytime”, “anywhere” and “easy to handle”, the printer can be separated from the “PocketChem” analyzer, leaving it with a weight of just 180g.

Multiple functions Palm-sized meter driven by two batteries.

Easy operation and daily maintenance.

Highly reliable test results with Creatinine compensation

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  • Compact (pocket-sized) urine analyzer
  • Detachable printer
  • Portable – requires only 2 AA battery (without printer)
  • Accurate & precise urine strip measurements in covered dark environment
  • Colour correction pad – Eliminates interference from dark coloured urine
  • Aution 10 EA : Combo of 10 urine parameters
  • NEW Aution Screen strip for renal disease detection with spot urine: Albumin-Creatinine ratio